Top tips for teenage oral hygiene

There’s a question that goes “how good is your teenager’s hygiene?” With the response being: “well, let his/her shoes be your guide.” If this resonates, it might be an indication that your teenager could be pretty relaxed about their oral hygiene.

There is evidence to demonstrate that gum disease may increase during adolescence due to hormonal changes(1), however good oral hygiene may be a challenge as teens are well past the supervision stage, and maintaining self-motivation in this area may not be a top priority for them.

A thorough oral hygiene routine is really important for teens, especially if they’re starting to drink coffee and sugary sports drinks. It’s not just about preventing against tooth decay – poor oral hygiene can lead to bad breath, something than no teenager wants!

In the age of social media, selfies and video-sharing, there’s a definite incentive to work on ‘being the best you’, and that includes having a healthy smile. Assuming that brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste is the standard oral care routine, here are some additional top tips to enhance your teen’s oral hygiene habits.

(1) https://www.perio.org/consumer/gum-disease-and-children