#spititout campaign


The two phases of Dentyl Dual Action sit comfortably together in the bottle as separate liquids.  They’re colourful and look good together.  But they’re just resting.  Shake to activate and these two liquids combine, working as one to physically remove plaque and bacteria from the mouth.


Why leave anything to chance?  Getting a minimum 30-second swish around the whole mouth* ensures maximum coverage of your teeth and gums.  Practice makes perfect – and let’s face it, watching your swish-face in the mirror might just make your morning and evening routine a bit more fun! 

*Do not swallow.


It bears repeating to be honest – if it’s not in the sink, it’s in your mouth.  The most satisfying part of the Dentyl routine – the #spititout part.  Why?  Dentyl Dual Action visibly removes plaque and bacteria from the mouth, so you see the results in the sink.  The unique formula makes Dentyl the only mouthwash with instantly visible results that you can see. Try it for yourself – #spititout and see!